Building Automation Systems


Comfortable, safe and contemporary - With the new Bluetooth fingerprint module, the Pidosan DSC door management system has attractively expanded its product range for access/entrance control. Management takes place conveniently via the iOS or Android application: creating, changing or deleting user profiles or example.

Pidosan DCS Bluetooth fingerprint module can be operated with a DCS RFID and code module and is connected to the control unit with easy Plug and Play connection. Software updating of the equipment can be carried out easily and quickly through the Application.



  • Bluetooth Low-Energy application
  • Pidosan DCS view with attractive design
  • Integration into the door frame or wing provides a harmonious appearance; mounting to the panel or surface is optional
  • A design which was granted by Red Dot and IF design awards
  • Three areas of use, one view: Emergency exit security, access/entrance control and door communication
  • Secure fingerprint algorithm for user identification
  • The reader is "paired" to the control unit; Communication between the reader and the control unit is encrypted
  • Application languages: German and English
  • Pidosan DCS fingerprint can be replaced by Pidosan DCS Bluetooth fingerprint

Pidosan DCS Touch Display


Pidosan DCS Touch Display: Door communication and access/entrance control in a single module with IP-based easy connection

Thanks to its open IP interface, it is possible to easily integrate Pidosan DCS Touch Display with almost all buildings with an IP network. Door communication is possible via SIP-enabled terminal devices, through SIP systems or phones for example. They can also be activated according to the time/date, for example, depending on the time. People who do not have the access code can present themselves by the Touch-Display Bell Ringing button.

Pidosan DCS Touch Display is a pre-configured assembled system optimized for outdoor use.


Product Advantages

  • Apartment/Flat number display with extremely reduced energy consumption
  • Integrated proximity sensor on display
  • Display lighting that can be automatically adapted to ambient light
  • Energy supply over PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • The display is harmoniously integrated into the profile: highlighting the elegant door view
  • The design is designed in an ergonomically attractive way
  • High-quality, modest-looking glass surface
  • Kinematic scroll control of the ring button list
  • The two outputs of the control unit are freely configurable, e.g. for e-openers and the alarm system
  • Demonstration of door communication in automation systems
  • The communication between the door screen and the switch box is encrypted
  • The screen is "paired" with the switch box
  • Mechanical and acoustic anti-theft protection for the screen
  • Switch box installation is possible in secure area, for example for connection of e-openers or alarm system
  • Use in residential and commercial projects
  • Use in projects with Intercom-Client

Dynamic glass – Prototype


"Variable" solar protection thanks to electrochromism

Electrochromic material is used in sunscreen glass consisting of combined glasses: A maximum voltage of five volts is applied to the nano-structured glass coating. The coating turns blue and thus reduces the passage of sunlight through the "sandwich glass".

With a pleasant coloring, glass can be adapted to external conditions, depending on the day and season: It is independently controlled by pressing a button or automatically. Thus, comfortable light conditions and temperatures occur. With the use of this glazing, new possibilities are provided to planners and architects for facade and interior design.


Product Advantages

  • Standard insulating glass with variable light transmittance (Tv) between 2% and 60%
  • Total energy transmission (g) varies between 5% and 40%
  • The absence of mechanical sun breaking systems increases design freedom in facades and interior design
  • Clear outward view with maximum transparency
  • Silent glass darkening
  • Control unit for stepless arrangement of single or multiple glasses by pressing the button
  • Bus feature enables easy integration into modern building technology

Pidosan RWA: Natural Smoke and Heat Evacuation Systems

Natural smoke and heat evacuation systems for facades and skylights in accordance with EN 12102-2

Smoke is extremely dangerous for humans, as it suppresses the required breathing air and blocks the view on the escape routes. Therefore, smoke and heat exhaust systems (NRWG) are of central importance. Pidosan offers fully tested window systems for facades and skylights in accordance with the current standard EN 12101-2. These vertically usable system solutions are based on proven Pidosan window systems AWS, AWS TipTronic or Pidosan Window AWS 57 RO for roofing. Fully hidden mechatronic motors from the Pidosan TipTronic RWA series combine tested safety with thermal insulation and design. The 500 mm opening width available for daily ventilation can be combined with an opening width of 1000 mm in case of fire. The user can choose from different opening types and system mounting depths. Inward opening transom window and likewise single axis opening or fall-out reverse transom window is possible. It can be used as a window element or integrated into facade systems. Another noticeable event is the newly developed opening-type pull bridge. It provides an ideal opening area within a maximum opening time of 60 seconds. Meanwhile, long, narrow windows over 360 mm can also be made. The newly developed Pidosan window system AWS 114 SK TipTronic offers new dimensions in terms of surface and weight in conjunction with a vertical profile / horizontal profile facade. This solution is also offered as RWA system solution. Window sizes and weights have also been increased with newly developed surface mounted motors and hidden motors. Here, there are system solutions with pull bridge opening. System solutions for the roof window Pidosan AWS 57 RO complements this portfolio. Numerous tests enable a variety of design demands.


Product Advantages

  • Tested in accordance with DIN EN 12101-2
  • Fully hidden motors (RWA TipTronic) or visible motors (RWA) are possible
  • Perforated element can be used as ribbon windows and in vertical profile / horizontal profile constructions
  • Harmonious design thanks to hidden mechanisms
  • Large opening sections: RWA function up to 800 mm, ventilation function up to 300 mm
  • Also can be used for daily ventilation and night cooling
  • Integrated finger jam protection up to protection class 4 (TÜV certified)
  • Easy installation: No need for milling works in the profile (RWA TipTronic)
  • Meeting all standard demands, such as waterproofing, soundproofing and thermal insulation

Pidosan Sensors

Sensors are indispensable for building automation because they provide the necessary information for the supervision/monitoring and control of the building envelope. Pidosan offers a large number of sensors for the detection of physical conditions inside and outside the building, for example wind, rain, CO2 or temperature. Among the most important sensors for building automation are Pidosan magnetic switches, which specifically control the status of doors and upper windows. They indicate whether a building opening is open, closed, locked or unlocked, thereby contributing to greater safety and efficiency.


Product Advantages

  • Openness control (open / closed)
  • Lock control (locked / unlocked)
  • Combined opening and closing control
  • VdS certified Class B and Class C
  • Connection to theft notification centers, facade control and warm-up control
  • Slider joints
  • Glass-break sensors
  • Weather data (e.g. sun, wind, rain, ice and temperature)
  • Internal temperature
  • CO2 content in the room air
  • Lighting power
  • Time perception and presence notifications in rooms