Sun Breaker Systems

Aluminum Sun Breaker Systems

Highly wind-proof vision protection and shading for windows and facades in residential and commercial projects

Pidosan Sliding Sunshade System provides ideal shading for windows and facades in residences and commercial projects thanks to its thin lamellar geometry that provides ideal visibility to the outside and extremely high wind resistance. Sliding units can be applied in three different types of coverslip. The range of systems offers individual solutions for different demands: This range extends from 1-wing, 1-rail systems to multi-wing and 2-rail sliding sun breaker systems. Depending on the choice, the sliding elements that operate with engine power or manually come to the fore with their easy, silent and precise use.

Pimeks System Sun Breakers

Pimeks System sun breakers offers many advantages in terms of solar breakers, energy saving, safety, sound insulation and room shading, as well as composing an attractive design element in the area where they are used.

Closed sun breakers provide especially privacy protection, decorative visual protection and prevent the risk of a possible theft.


Product Advantages


  • Protection against heat in summer, protection against cold and seasonal events in cool seasons
  • Stepless adjustment of the light input according to the room
  • Suitable for old and new buildings
  • Many opening types are available
  • Low maintenance and repair costs
  • Provides additional protection against thieves and audio-visual protection