Window Systems

Aluminium Window Systems 


Interesting system developments for the Outward Opening Pidosan Window - AWS were presented for the first time in Bau 2015. New in portfolio: Double sash window and double sash glass door. This way, user-friendly narrow sash widths and wide opening width may be combined without the disturbing middle vertical profiles. An additional and attractive design opportunity for residential and commercial projects.
Another innovation: Glass doors of Pidosan Window AWS 70.HI and Pidosan Window AWS 75.SI+ systems may be applied on sills without barriers with the options of forward single axis opening or double sash types. An additional plus: The 12.5 mm sill height complies not only the requirement in Germany (max. 20 mm) but also many international standards; for instance, maximum 15 mm in Great Britain or maximum 12.7 mm in the USA.
Pidosan provides an innovation also in the field of mechanisms: a new mechanism range prototype for the drop reverse transom and outward opening single axis opening types. The focus point is the mechanisms’ high resistance and optimised processing concept. In the place of the adapter profiles and screw connections used until now, only tightened connections based on sliding blocks will be used in the future. This is a solution already proven with the Pidosan AvanTec mechanism and façade inward opening sash Pidosan Window AWS 114. The concept already applied with the modular structure drop reverse transom, will from now on be used in outward opening window systems.


Thermal Insulation Window Systems 


The principle of all around middle seal is a solution proven in Pidosan window systems with 75 mm assembly depth, which will from now on also be used with 65 mm assembly depth. This way, markets with only middle level investment expectations will also benefit from this technology in the future. Supplements both design options used until now with the vulcanised framework roving or segment seals in combination with EPDM moulded parts.
The system comprises of a smart combination of middle seal contour newly designed of easy foam material and several functions: Self positioning of middle seal, profile corner cut insulation and corner area ideal insulation insulating material control. This provides improvement of all system thermal insulation characteristics, in addition to discernibly reduced manufacturing and assembly periods and easy processing with fault tolerance. The sealing values obtained through this process is the same with the values achieved with the processing options used until now.


Narrow block construction for high visual demands.
Pidosan​ AWS​ 70​ BS.HI with Concealed Pidosan​ AvanTec and Pidosan TipTronic mechanisms also satisfy the highest specifications in terms of design and comfort.​



  • Fine thermal insulation with 70 mm assembly depth: Uf value = 1.9 W/m²K (89 mm front view width)
  • Concealed sashes, providing very narrow front views of 67 mm
  • Optional same-face sash 
  • Optional application as “floating window” 
  • Expanded insulation area with foam filled barrier 
  • Comprehensive profile portfolio comprising of vertical profiles with up to 44 mm front view, double sash and sash rails 

High Thermal Insulation Window Systems