Facade Systems

High Thermal Insulating Aluminum Facade Systems

With its large thermal units with low thermal permeability coefficient and triple or double insulated glass and the all-glass elegant facade offer architectural and technical quality solutions for the building envelope.

Combination of aesthetics and technological innovations - Wide surface and all glass facades can be made with Pidosan FW 60+ SG as a thermal insulating system and Pidosan FW 60+ SG.SI model with triple insulating glass as a high thermal insulating system.

SG (structural glazing) glass facades are not only applied with a all-glass appearance, but also allow the facade to be applied with a semi-silicon appearance. It creates different architectural effects by emphasizing/highlighting the facade horizontally or vertically with the help of cover profiles with a wide range of products.

Heat Insulated Aluminum Facade Systems

With the non-insulated application element Pidosan Windows AWS 102.NI, efficient ventilation on high-tech facades also in hot climate zones.

Thermal insulated Pidosan Window AWS 102 provides ideal ventilation conditions in high-tech vertical facades in wide opening sections (PAF) and drop-down reverse transom (SK) opening types with all-around wide opening sections. The model, which has a gradual insulation glass design option, is compatible with the facade architecture. Pidosan AWS 102 allows wing weights up to 250 kg. Usage takes place manually or electrically; it can also be connected to building automation on request.

Panel Facade Systems

Planning security redefined

Pidosan 3D design and technical identification software reliably and efficiently supports the entire chain of planning and production from the first sketch to the completion of the building. The interfaces of standard three-dimensional design programs and Building Information Modeling software allow for a fast, secure planning and implementation process, as well as seamless data exchange with machine control and installation instructions.

Upper Construction Facade Systems

Passive house-quality skylights and large-faced vertical facades can be easily produced with a passive house certified steel (ST) and wooden (TI) facade system with superior performance characteristics. The Uf values for the system design are up to 0.8 W/(m2K) in steel and wood (including screw effect) and thus meet the highest values of the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt. Schüco over steel (ST) and over wood (TI) systems with system widths of 50 mm, 60 mm and 75 mm combine energy efficient building structure with rational manufacturing and assembly.

In terms of insulation, it provides high thermal insulation especially in sensitive roof applications thanks to its innovative insulation system and adapted screw tap. Wide surface glass sizes are no longer a problem, thanks to the innovative and patented system products for the new AOC construction, especially in the combination of triple glass, in terms of load bearing and screw tap.

Glass Facade Systems

Complex facade geometry is possible for the first time in the system thanks to design that meets high demands, parametric planning methods and inter-compatible process chains.

Pidosan Parametric System is the next phase of Pidosan façade systems in accordance with three-dimensional building envelopes that can be freely designed geometrically. Pidosan Parametric System which is based on the parametric design methods and the associated system approach provides maximum freedom to planners, application security to employers and cost transparency to employers.