Chairmans Message


Chairmans Message


is to grant PIDOSAN Company Groups the stuff consisting of people who are open to innovations and changes, appropriate for corporate values and whose targets involve developing themselves and their careers; and to become a corporate which our employees will be proud of. Our company directs the employees’ career by taking into consideration of their developmental capacity, characteristics and determination to get promoted along with stuff trainings both in and out of the company within the context of human oriented management approach.



is to form and maintain a big community consisting of employees who combine their company's future plans with their own career route, find the joint denominator for company targets and personal targets, and add value to the company with their studies. PIDOSAN could build the qualified stuff required for the growing community thanks to consideration for employment in order to use human resources as much efficient and productive as it could be. The company provided its stuff with constant trainings and realized that investments in human would be the most important foundation of a company. 

Yalcın Karslıoglu

Chairman of the Executive Board