About Pidosan


About Pidosan

Encouraged by its customers' reliance on its brand and quality Pidosan, founded in 1993 and becoming a leader of PVC Profiles in Ankara, keeps on its investments in production of PVC door, window and all PVC systems, roller shutter systems, steel door, fire door, interior door and glass balcony. Our group has a leading stuff consisting of 350 full time employees. We serve in all quarters and counties of Ankara with 5 branches and approximately 200 dealers. And we indefectibly serve for several Turkish cities and foreign markets. We produce in a 35 000 m2 of indoor factory in Ivedik Organized Industrial Zone. Our production plants with a daily 100-110 round production capacity are designed with the latest technology and fully automatic modern equipments to meet any and all demands.
Pidosan has become a leader of EGEPEN/Deceuninck in Turkey with its young and dynamic managers, besides determination and efforts of its stuff since 1993. We aim to give the best service in the sector and produce the best quality products.
Pidosan brand’s reliability and market knowledge has combined with customer oriented approach; state-of-the-art technology and quality perspective of Egepen Deceuninck group which is a worldwide integrated community and which was the biggest PVC profile producer of the world in 2000s. This combination brought Pidosan Group the leadership of PVC window production in Turkey. Thanks to its wide dealer network and services provided by its expert stuff, Pidosan Egepen Deceuninck brand facilitates availability of its products for the customers. Our group’s targets mainly include operating with an integrated global company system, perfectly meeting the needs of our customers by exceeding their expectations with production of window, door and all PVC systems. With our motto “the Solution center”; our vision is ”to make our brand known all around the world and to reach international markets by protecting our leadership in the sector until 2022”; our mission is "to provide reliable, innovative and comfortable solutions in living spaces”; our basic principles include “honesty, competency, continuous development, responsibility, participation, customer oriented approach, respect to values, appreciation and rapidity” As Pidosan Group, our ambition for perfection, and encourage from our customers maintains;
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