Louver and Shutters

Louver and Shutters

Beautiful and Nostalgic Spaces!

Aesthetic and nostalgic appearance of your houses;
Roller & Louver Shutters

Your spaces are both more aesthetic and insulated!


Besides being practical and aesthetic, they also insulate perfectly. Severe weather conditions and noise stays outside while your peace stays inside. Louver shutter systems are an important aesthetical element of our architectural culture with its traditional and nostalgic structure are also one of the best alternative solutions against severe weather conditions.

Decor Roller Shutter Storbox 2000 System, which is produced in two sizes available in 165 mm and 200 mm, is used as louver installed upon the joinery. 165×200 mm and 200×235 mm boxes are also included in the system for thermal insulation purposes. Ege and Mini Roller Shutters can be used as louver strips. This system can be applied to a single window, above a door and places where multi-roller shutters are required. Roller shutter system can be combined with sliding or rolling insect screens depending on the required application. Egepen Deceuninck that unites aesthetics and functionality with maximum compatibility in its designs developed presents for your taste different types of louver shutters developed for your home. In the louver shutter systems, when the sashes are closed, inner sash can open outwards with a special truss system. Louver shutter systems can be installed in two types of installation; on the wall or casing. White or laminated colors are available in the louver shutter systems. Depending on the location where it is installed, the system also makes ‘arch louver shutters’ possible.

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