Outstanding Insulation

Pido 7070 PVC Window and Door System has an excellent performance with its 5-chamber design and 70 mm width in terms of heat insulation.   Thermal conductivity coefficient (Uf) of the system has been found 1.4 -1.5 W / m2K as a result of tests conducted at IFT Rosenheim.     


Acoustic Excellency

 Acoustic insulation of places has a great importance in today’s noisy living spaces.  Pido - W800 System contain within itself 2-chamber cords that offer better acoustic insulation than hand-placed cords.  Moreover, for places with heavy traffic and extremely loud places, PVC’s existing insulation features and multi-chamber structure of   Pido 7070 PVC Window and Door System transform even spaces that require maximum acoustic insulation into a perfect living space.



 Natural Ventilation

 Even in well-insulated houses, some specific measures are needed to provide enough ventilation.  Pido 7070 PVC Window and Door System is completely compatible with a natural ventilation system that decreases the risks of odour, allergy, CO intoxication, condensation and mould growth.  


Additional Safety

 Pido 7070 PVC Window and Door System is reinforced by galvanized steel that offers higher safety against burglary.  The system is also compatible with all kinds of security.


Respect for the Environment 

Pido 7070 PVC Window and Door System’s windows and doors distinguish from others with their requirement for little maintenance and their features of 100% recyclability and re-processability at the end of their lifetime as well as creating a healthier environment through their high insulation value.