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Please fill in the free survey

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the facade of your building or flat;

to buy PVC window, steel

door or interior door

for your building or flat; or to wall

up your balcony or terrace

and build a glass balcony.


Fully customized products are produced with fully automatic machines in our plant which is equipped with the state-of-the-art system and robotic technology. Our products' quality is tested at every stage. 

Our professional assembly team assembles your fully customized products in situ and on time without giving any harm to your place with professional labor and quality consumables by paying attention to cleaning and hygiene rules. 

Pidosan provides after-sales maintenance and reparation services in situ and on time for its products with its technical service team.You can call 444 19 49 Pidosan Solution Center.

Campaigns for Contractors!

Campaigns for contractors continue. Don’t decide before checking our fast and economical solutions in mass housing constructions! 

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