Ascella 60 mm




With its High Heat and Sound Insulation Values, Modern Lines, 4 Chambered


May your windows will always open to  happiness with aesthetic design, quality  craftsmanship.


Now houses are brighter, windows are more aesthetic.


Ascella 60 mm System easily adapts to the style of your spaces thanks to its excellent design and aesthetics. The system has been thought to fit to the finest detail.




silence and peace

The Solid System contains 2-compartment roving that offer better acoustic insulation than hand-placed roving. In addition, the existing insulation properties of PVC and the multi-compartment structure of the Solid PVC Window and Door System turn even the areas requiring maximum sound insulation into a perfect living space for places with heavy traffic and very high noise.

natural ventilation
Even in well-insulated houses, special measures are required to ensure adequate ventilation. Solid Window and Door system is also fully compatible with a natural ventilation system that reduces the risks of smell, allergies, CO2 poisoning, condensation and mold growth.

additional security
Solid PVC Window and Door System is safe against theft. The system is also compatible with all types of security.

environmentalist product
Solid PVC Window and Door System has 100% recyclability and re-workability features at the end of its long life, low maintenance and end-of-life